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Torey Battelle

Colorado School of Mines
Computational & Research Support Scientist
Denver CO
I am a computational condensed matter physicist; I earned my doctorate in 2013. Most of my research involved computational modeling of actinide-oxide behavior (specifically the evolution of nuclear fuel pins). I also simulated thermoelectric materials, mainly of the CaAl2Si2 ternary class. I am currently a member of the HPC group at Mines. I support researchers using electronic structure and molecular dynamics codes on our HPC systems; both compiling, installing, troubleshooting these applications and interacting directly with the PIs and students. I am involved with the day-to-day sustenance of our BlueGeneQ, iDataPlex and 'condo cluster' as well. I find my work challenging, quite rewarding and very fulfilling. I'd love to talk to people about any and all of the above, and to hear about their experiences too!